“I love being able to give back to a field that I am both passionate about and believe in. What I love the most is walking into a shop and visiting with my former students. I love hearing their success stories!”

After nearly 20 years as an auto technician for Volkswagen, Scott Mayotte brought his experience to the classroom and began teaching at Concord Regional Technical Center in New Hampshire. He is a Master Automotive Service Excellence Technician, and also has A9, X1, G1 and L1 certifications from ASE.  In 2015, Mayotte was recognized with a Distinguished Educator Award by the Concord School District.  

Mayotte has always had a passion for cars — starting at age 14, he worked in a local independent Volkswagen repair shop, learning and helping with maintenance and repairs.  He began automotive classes at his local high school, but was eventually dropped from the program.  After high school, he re-committed himself to becoming a licensed technician and graduated as class valedictorian from Ohio Auto Diesel Technical College.  He said, “I believe that I am a better teacher because I was expelled from my high school automotive program.”  The experience helped him understand the challenges his students face and the need for a dynamic, high-quality program.

Mayotte’s Automotive Technology Program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, and aligns seamlessly with further post-secondary opportunities in the New Hampshire community college system.  His students can earn college credits in high school, and can obtain thirteen industry-recognized certifications free of charge.

This fall, Mayotte established an “All Girls Garage” at his school to attract more young women to the auto industry.  He recruited a former student to teach the class, and works closely with her to create the curriculum, secure the parts, and run the class.

Mayotte is also dedicated to the academic achievement of his students outside of their automotive technology classes, and consistently pushes them to strive for greatness in the classroom, the shop, and beyond.