Our Grantmaking

Advancing Excellent High School Skilled Trades Education in U.S. Public High Schools

About Our Grantmaking Philosophy

As a program of The Smidt Foundation, we work to leverage and propel excellent skilled trades education in U.S. public high schools by investing in efforts where ingenious people and ideas converge. Humility is the through line of our outlook and approach. We seek to make a difference, and to learn and share.


Pilot Projects

Pilot projects give prizewinning teachers the opportunity to test and bring to life new ideas.

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Better Together Projects

Better Together projects inspire skilled trades students to apply their knowledge and skill to address a community need. Students work with their teachers and local partners to make a positive difference in their community.

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Los Angeles

Students in other U.S. cities, and internationally, are being offered engaging and lucrative skilled trades career pathways in high school. Our goal is to increase these opportunities for students in Los Angeles.

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