“The thing that I love the most is being able to have some of my students for multiple years. Seeing them develop into adults. Increase their knowledge. Learn how to better work with others including working with the customers. I think being a teacher is one of the most frustrating but also the most rewarding professions there is in our world. Most teachers get their students and see them grow over the year. In career and technical education, I am lucky to have them for up to four years while they’re in high school.”

David Moye has taught Automotive Service Technology at Lyman High School in Longwood, Florida, for 18 years. In high school, he took small engine and auto mechanics courses and was also heavily involved in youth ministry. In the years following, he worked as an ASE Master Technician and continued to seek advanced training while also serving as a youth minister. After ten years, Moye decided to combine his love of cars and his passion of working with young people and become an automotive teacher at his alma mater. He enjoys building connections with his students and helping them develop into leaders in their communities, and feels this work is what he is meant to do.

At Lyman High School, Moye leads an Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation Certified Program, in which students progress through a six-course, 1,080-hour curriculum over four years. The program covers engine repair, automatic transmission, manual transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical, HVAC, and engine performance and prepares students to be employed as entry-level automotive technicians. In addition to completing standardized training modules, Moye’s students work in teams in the shop to learn new skills and techniques. Teachers now bring their vehicles in for maintenance, a program element Moye focused last year on marketing and improving. Moye and his students are also working toward a community auto inspection at which students will act as service advisors and complete supervised multi-point inspections.

Moye is committed to demonstrating the importance and value of skilled trades education. He regularly brings representatives from independent shops, local colleges, and industry partners to share about educational and career opportunities. He also hosts an automotive career night for students and parents, where business partners and industry professionals share their experiences and highlight the range of career possibilities. The event is especially valuable for parents seeking to understand the value of the program.

Moye is equally committed to ongoing growth and learning for himself and for his program. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Career Education and Industry Training at University of Central Florida, and he stays up to date by attending ASE and manufacturers’ training. Each year, he incorporates new ideas and methods in his classroom in response to changing student needs, increasing use of technology, and growing community partnerships. Moye was Lyman High School’s Teacher of the Year in 2019, and he has also received the Honorary Life Award from SkillsUSA Florida.

“All in all, I love what I get to do everyday. Each day is a new one with my students. I truly love what I get to do as a career and don’t plan to stop soon.”