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Resources for Teaching Trades This Fall

Los Angeles, CA

Resources for Teaching Trades This Fall

Last spring, we shared ideas for teaching the trades online—from teachers for teachers.

As schools across the country head into the new school year, with many operating entirely or partially online, we wanted to update and expand our list. Here it is!

To start, teachers suggested several digital tools for online teaching and learning that aren’t necessarily specific to the trades (you can see trade-specific resources below). They include:

  • FlipGrid: Students can record and post videos to share with their classes
  • EdPuzzle: Ask students to respond to a video and verify that they watched and answered, available in a free version that provides 20 videos
  • Screencastify: Record what’s on your screen and share with students, website includes suggestions for how to use it in your classroom
  • Loom: Record and quickly share video messages as easily as you send an email or text message
  • Padlet: An online bulletin board—free to use and includes school-specific premium versions
  • Kahoot: Create interactive online quizzes that students can take on their phones
  • GooseChase: Customizable digital scavenger hunts, with free and premium options



Resources by Trade

Welding and Manufacturing

  • ToolingU: Welding and manufacturing lessons from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers; free trial available (Recommended by 2018 winner Matt Erbach of Streamwood, Illinois)
  • Online proctoring for metalworking certifications (Multiple recommenders)
  • Resources, software, add-on for running toolpaths and posting code; free trial available (Recommended by Matt Erbach)
  • V-Carve Pro: 30 hours of online tutorials, available through a free trial (Recommended by Brent Trankler of Sikeston, Missouri)
  • OnShape: a free, online program for making CAD and 3D printing designs (Recommended by Michael Schweinsberg, a 2019 winner from Westminster, Maryland)





  • CDX: An online gateway with simulations of wiring and diagnostics, with 11 free online activities here (Recommended by 2017 winner Roxanne Amiot of Bridgeport, Connecticut)
  • Electude: An online platform for basics and theoretical learning, with free simulations and free trials until August (Multiple recommenders)
  • Haynes Manual: Several free manuals, guides and tips for study (Multiple recommenders)
  • Today’s Class: Interactive lessons and other resources, offered for free at this time (Multiple recommenders)
  • ASE Education Foundation: Resources for digital/virtual learning for teachers (Recommended by our team)
  • Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers: Free online textbooks and workbooks (Recommended by Jeff Cesari of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania)
  • Raybestos: Free how-to videos (Recommended by Roxanne Amiot)


Construction and Carpentry

  • NCCER: Resources for virtual learning, including many recently made free of charge (Recommended by 2018 winner Adam Bourne of New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Instructables: Lessons for in-home projects, including woodworking (Recommended by 2018 winner Josh Gary of Sutherlin, Oregon)
  • Woodworking resources: A weeks-long curriculum put together by a teacher (Recommended by Josh Gary)


HVAC and Plumbing

  • PHCC Foundation: The pre-apprentice course is free until the end of 2020 (Recommended by our team)



  • CareerSafe: for OSHA 10-hour certification (Multiple recommenders)
  • Career Essentials: Courtesy SkillsUSA (Multiple recommenders)
  • Skills Building Blocks: “Soft” skills lessons (Recommended by 2019 winner Troy Reichert of Guernsey, Wyoming)
  • ICEV Online: Courses in including construction, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation (Recommended by our team)