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Mobile Training Vision: 2023 and Beyond

Los Angeles, CA

Mobile Training Vision: 2023 and Beyond

Is mobile training an effective and efficient way to increase student access to high-quality skilled trades education? Here are some of the hunches to assess:

  • If the mobile training were to be offered during non-traditional times, such as nights, weekends, school breaks, and/or summers, schools would not have to disrupt their students’ class schedules to offer effective skilled trades programs;
  • Instruction could rely on current teachers as well as third-party course providers;
  • Schools would not have to build, equip, maintain, and update skilled trades training facilities.

In summer of 2022, Harbor Freight Tools for Schools put this hypothesis to the test by funding six skilled trades summers programs across Los Angeles County. To learn more about the implementation, benefits and results of this test run, check out the recording of our webinar “Mobile Training: Meeting Next Gen Skilled Trades Students Where They Are.”

Below are the mobile training objectives for the summer of 2023:

  • Provide students hands-on learning opportunities to educate and energize them about the skilled trades;
  • Demonstrate implementation of high-quality multi-session mobile skilled trades training;
  • Track program completers as they enroll in high school skilled trades pathways, matriculate in post secondary college programs, and/or attain entry-level skilled trades employment.