Port of Los Angeles High School

Welding, Plumbing Construction and Automotive Technology

Introductory and Advanced Skilled Trades Training

Port of Los Angeles High School currently offers skilled trades pathways at their school during the year.  For the summer they will be offering unique advanced courses such as Pipe Welding, Plumbing, TIG Welding, and Electrical.  POLAHS partners with Dynamic Education to offer construction and welding courses.  El Camino College will offer automotive technology instruction, where students will have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment course credit.  Students can earn high-value advanced industry-based credentials from American Welding Society (AWS) and National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER). 

“If you learn how to weld, you can own a company, you can be a contractor, you can be a foreman.’’

Pam Richardson, welding instructor, Port of Los Angeles High School

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