Artesia High School

Automotive, Welding and Mobile Training

 Auto Repair and Welding Credentials and College Credit

The summer program offers 9-12 grade students day-long, hands-on instruction in automotive repair and welding.  Students may receive dual college enrollment at Cerritos College and will receive training and may test for valuable AWS and ASE industry certifications. 

Teacher Marty Supple runs the automotive summer program, which focuses on teaching students about steering and suspension systems. Teacher Jose Bran runs the welding program. 

“Students shined in our program, arriving early and focused every single day,’’ Supple said. “The students showed great motivation and collaborated effectively with each other.’’

After taking the summer course, several recent high school graduates decided to enroll at Cerritos College to continue their skilled trades education.

Artesia High School is part of the ABC Unified School District.

“Summer may be the only opportunity that some students may have to take the class. Basically it’s logistics due to possible conflicts during the school year. Any method to introduce students into automotive is desirable; auto classes during the school year, dual enrollment classes with Cerritos College, and, of course, the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools summer program.” Read more.

Marty Supple, automotive instructor, Artesia High School

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